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Tammy Ireland


My Qualifications:

  • Birth Doula - Intuitive Birth
  • Certified Birth Doula, DONA
  • Professional Nanny, Nighttime Nanny Support
  • Essence of Birth Photography Training
  • Postpartum Doula Support

Contact Me:

My name is Tammy Ireland. My husband is from Scotland and we live with our two teenage children on Holland Street! I love Jesus, babies, puppies, beaches and laughing So hard you can’t breathe! A Colorado native, I grew up in a large family surrounded by birth and babies and little kids in general.  I LOVED it!

I received a BA in science from Whittier College, planning to pursue a career in medicine.  After graduating, I decided to work part-time as a nanny.  Little did I know the part-time job would end up being a full-time career for almost 22 years.  It was incredible!  I traveled the world, learning and training on the job to be a mom, a house manager and personal assistant.  The three children and their family I was privileged to care for are now some of my best friends.

In deciding to change careers, I did a lot of soul searching; and you know what? -- I love puppies and babies, and I really want my second act to focus on that!  So here I am! I started walking dogs and now I’m a certified Doula!

I am convinced the reason I can look back at both of my birth stories (son 18 and daughter 15) without any regret is because of my faith and the encouragement, love and knowledge of my husband, mother and friends during my deliveries! 

I chose this profession now because of my desire to educate, support, love and empower anyone who is about to write one of the most important stories they will ever tell … their Birth Story. 


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