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Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Welcome to Intuitive Birth's Mentorship Program

To be an effective birth doula, in-person experience is essential. Unlike other doula training programs, the Intuitive Birth Mentorship Program provides aspiring doulas an opportunity to receive training in and out of the birth room.

Our Mentorship Program is designed to connect new doulas seeking guidance and support with an experienced mentor who is eager to share their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

What Sets Our Mentorship Program Apart:

  1. Attend a Birth in Person. This birth will be your mentor’s personal clients.
  2. Learn the Intuitive Birth Method. Intuitive Birth philosophy and doula approach is different than any other doula training out there.  Learn the difference between a good doula and an exceptional one.
  3. One on One Sessions with a Mentor
  4. Eligibility to Apprenticeship Program
  5. Continued Support. At Intuitive Birth, we understand the significance and benefits of continued support. In the birth world the learning never ends.  After completing the training portion of your mentorship, you will continue to have access to your mentor through email, text, and phone.

Benefits of Participating:

  1. Witness a Skilled Doula in Action. See hands on experience, communicating with expecting parents, answer questions and meetings, handle staff, etc.
  2. Credibility. Getting experience is one of the biggest challenges for doulas.  The mentorship program gives you exceptional experience and gives you credentials moving forward.
  3. Skill Enhancement. Mentees gain invaluable experience (pain management, laboring positions, massage, counter pressure communication skills, etc.)
  4. Connections in the Doula Community. Intuitive Birth is Denver’s highest ranked doula agency, and offers the most comprehensive training in and out of the birth room.

What You Get:

  • Observe a birth with your mentor to get real-life hands-on experience.
  • Three 2-hour one-on-one sessions with your mentor. No group classes.
  • Resources (handouts for clients, networking connections, and recommended software to run your business).
  • Continued support through email, text, or phone (during normal business hours).
  • Opportunity to apply for Intuitive Birth's Apprenticeship Program and become an Intuitive Birth Certified Doula.

Note: Acceptance into Intuitive Birth’s Apprenticeship Program is by invitation only and not guaranteed. However, an aspiring doula must complete Intuitive Birth’s Mentorship Program in order to apply for the Apprenticeship Program.

How to Join:

Participating in our Mentorship Program is easy. Simply complete our application form to tell us about your goals and preferences. Our team will then contact you to set up an in-person meetup.

Being the best doula you can be takes learning from skilled and experienced doulas. This is an opportunity to enhance and transform your career.  We love birth and are excited to share with you!