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Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Hello birth worker!

In order to join the Apprenticeship Program you must first complete the Mentorship Program. Once this is completed if you are interested in continuing your work and education as a doula, the Apprenticeship Program will complete your doula training.

This program is led by Merrie (owner). Learning how to be a great doula takes hands-on experience, both in meetings leading up to the birth, the birth itself, and postpartum support. Birth is not something that can only be studied through books or education online. It requires hands-on experience in multiple birth settings in order to gain proper experience, and to learn the art of being a birth worker.

Throughout Merrie’s years as a student midwife apprentice, the same philosophy and education is applied to doula training in this program. Doulas accepted will attend consultations, meetings, and births with Merrie in order to learn. Trainees will learn how to hold free consultations, lead pre and postnatal meetings, and assist during the births. This program usually takes 2-4 months. Once completed you will be Intuitive Birth certified and can work as an Intuitive Birth Doula.

 Apprenticeship Program Training:

  • Attend meetings and births with Merrie and her personal clients, and all communication with them (texts, calls, emails)
  • Learn how to answer questions and prepare clients for birth during prenatals
  • Learn how to read a woman in labor to determine how far along she is (without a cervical exam)
  • Learn how to communicate with laboring mom, partner, and medical staff during the birth
  • Understand how and when to use medical tools/medications during labor when needed
  • Help clients navigate the medical model of pregnancy and birth for optimal outcomes while empowering them with education and options
  • Become proficient in providing physical, mental, and emotional support to laboring mom and partner
  • Become proficient in physically supporting a mother throughout labor for pain relief using massage, counter pressure, repositioning etc
  • Learn how to identify malpositioned babies and effectively turn them through repositioning techniques
  • Breastfeeding basics and how to teach a new mom to nurse, including night feedings
  • Newborn baby basics support for parents – nursing, swaddling, baby carrying, babycare