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Nursing and Newborn Care Course

Intuitive Birth’s Childbirth Education Class is unique in its approach to empowering parents. Rather than pushing an agenda about how birth should be—e.g. unmedicated or medicated, in a hospital/home/birth center, and so on—Intuitive Birth teaches expecting parents essential information to prepare them for having a baby, regardless of where and how they choose to give birth.

This class not only informs parents about the intricacies of childbirth: it also helps them discover the kind of birth they want. Ultimately, birth may take unexpected twists and turns that deviate from a birth plan, but the Intuitive Birth Childbirth Education Class is designed to help parents navigate the evolving process with confidence and essential information. 

Some highlights include:

  • Nursing Essentials. Nursing made easy and clear. Sleep more and nurse with ease (game changing!).
  • Newborn Essentials. The newborn phase does not have to be hard.  Learn how to take care of yourself and your baby with simplicity and ease.