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Merrie Anderson


My Qualifications:

  • Owner and Manager of Intuitive Birth Doula Agency
  • Student Midwife
  • Doula Trainer (Intuitive Birth)
  • Certified Midwife Assistant from The Farm Midwifery Center (trained by Ina May, Pamela Hunt, and other Farm midwives)
  • Birthing From Within Doula and Childbirth Education trained
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (NRP)
  • Experience working as a student midwife in a free-standing birth center
  • Birth doula for 14 years
  • CPR certified
  • Previous board member and educator of Birth Matters Virginia
  • Breastfeeding instructor, with lots of experience!

Contact Me:

Hi I'm Merrie! I am a wife and a mother of four children, living in Arvada, Colorado. When I am not attending a birth or teaching a class, I am at home with my children. Besides family, my passion in life is childbirth.

I was that weird kid who asked her mom's friends their birth stories growing up! My other passions include cooking and baking, riding horses, and traveling the world in search of the best hot springs.

I am originally from Littleton, Colorado and am child number five from a family of seven children. I love traveling. My senior year of high school was spent as an exchange student in France. A year later I spent a summer in Venezuela learning Spanish and traveling to exotic places in South America.

​A couple years later I took a semester off from college to teach English in China through a volunteer program. Ironically enough, in a group of forty-five teachers (only five were male!) I met my future husband Kirk. Before we were married I also spent a year and a half in Taiwan learning Mandarin Chinese. After I returned we married and both resumed our studies. I majored in Chinese and he majored in English (he stuck to what he knew!).

For me, the birth room is magic. Our bodies, our babies, our partners, all working to allow the magic to unfold that ends with a precious baby. I personally have had very difficult births, and understand the emotional depth that labor can bring a woman. I love helping women find their center, their trust in the birth process, and ultimately the ability to surrender to what our bodies dictate.

Peace on earth begins with mother and baby, and it's a privilege to help families on this journey.


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